What are the different types of condo units near Ortigas Center?

  1. Studio Units
  2. One-Bedroom Units
  3. Two-Bedroom Units
  4. Loft Units
  5. Penthouse Units


  • Ortigas Center offers a diverse range of condo unit types to cater to various lifestyles, including Studio Units, One-Bedroom Units, Two-Bedroom Units, Loft Units, and Penthouse Units.
  • Studio Units are compact and efficient, ideal for singles or couples prioritizing simplicity and efficient use of space.
  • One-Bedroom Units provide enhanced privacy with a separate bedroom, making them suitable for professionals and couples.
  • Two-Bedroom Units offer flexibility for small families or professionals needing extra space, while Loft Units offer creative living spaces, and Penthouse Units provide the pinnacle of luxury living with breathtaking views of the cityscape.

As a sought-after location for residents and professionals alike, Ortigas Center stands as the best choice for condo living. In the many developments in the district, aspiring homeowners can find different types of condo units near Ortigas Center that cater to many lifestyles, from minimalist solo living to spacious family arrangements and artistic loft spaces to lavish penthouses. Whether you seek a cozy space to call your own, a private haven for your family, or an artistic sanctuary that sparks creativity, Ortigas Center has it all.

Studio Units

May it be starting your path in solo living or moving in with your partner, this thriving district of Ortigas Center envisions arrangements satisfying every season. The effective space utilization in Studio Units is one of its most distinguishing characteristics.

Every square meter is thoughtfully planned and properly utilized. Residents may make the most of every area because there are no dividing walls or unused corridors. This design promotes a clutter-free atmosphere, which makes it simpler to maintain and keeps daily activities organized. This type of condo unit provides a comfortable sanctuary where productivity and leisure coexist for those who lead hectic lives.

One-Bedroom Units

One of the hallmark features of One-Bedroom Units is the division of living spaces. Beyond the open-concept living area and kitchen, residents can retreat to a private bedroom. This separation is a game-changer for those who value privacy and desire distinct spaces for relaxation and productivity.

One-bedroom units are especially suited for professionals and couples looking to balance space and simplicity. For many, these units provide ample room to move and unwind without the demands of a larger unit’s maintenance.

In Ortigas Center, where the pace of life is dynamic and diverse, One-Bedroom Units provide an ideal canvas for residents to curate their urban lifestyle. This space is perfect for both couples and individuals looking for their own space in the city.

Two-Bedroom Units

Different Types of Condo Units near Ortigas Center

Owning a two-bedroom condo near Ortigas offers many benefits. With more space than a one-bedroom unit, you have room to customize your home as your needs change. The second bedroom can be used however you want –- as a kid’s room, guest room, or home office. This flexibility is perfect for growing families or professionals who work from home sometimes.

The larger living area also provides many options for how you spend time. You can have a cozy movie room, a quiet reading nook, or space for entertaining friends and family. No matter what stage of life you’re in, a two-bedroom condo gives you freedom. Whether just starting out or more established, a spacious two-bedroom allows your home and lifestyle to evolve comfortably over the years.

Loft Units

Different Types of Condo Units near Ortigas Center

Lofts appeal to people who like unique homes instead of traditional box-style layouts. The open feel and freedom to decorate allow your personality to shine through. Whether you go for an indoor jungle, minimalist vibe, or workspace, lofts provide a blank canvas.

When you first walk in, the high ceilings make the place feel bright and spacious. You can design the lighting, artwork, or balconies any way you like to match your style. Lofts also have mini levels like mezzanines that let you divide up the space. These levels are perfect for adding a private bedroom, home office, or cozy reading area. Their modern style mixed with extra space allows you to truly live your dream condo living.

Penthouse Units

Living in a penthouse condo near Ortigas offers the ultimate in luxury lifestyle. The huge floor plans let you spread out and entertain easily. Beautiful rooms flow together seamlessly for elegant events. But what truly makes penthouses special are the amazing views. From high above the city, you can take in stunning panoramas day and night. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the changing skyline feel like a multi-million-dollar artwork in your home.

Situated right in Ortigas’ business and cultural district, you’re fully immersed in the energy and amenities of the town below. But your penthouse retreat also offers a private escape from it all. If you demand the finest in urban living, luxurious penthouses are unsurpassed. Experience the most exceptional condos in the most exceptional setting.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right type of condo units near Ortigas Center is not just about selecting a place to live; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that aligns with your desires, needs, and aspirations. Each type of unit, whether it’s a Studio, One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom, Loft, or Penthouse, offers a unique living experience. It’s crucial to consider not only your current requirements but also your long-term vision.

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