Laya by Shang Properties serves as a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation, and equilibrium.

Laya empowers you to shape an environment that reflects your lifestyle.

Beyond its location and design, it’s often the meticulous attention to detail that sets exceptional projects apart.

Such is the magnetic appeal of Laya by Shang Properties, a remarkable 67-story residential development emerging in Pasig City. Crafted by a renowned luxury developer celebrated for its craftsmanship, sophistication, and innovative concepts, Laya is poised to captivate a youthful, discerning, and investment-savvy audience that values adaptability, autonomy, and understated sophistication.

After all, this embodies the very essence of Laya, a Filipino term for freedom. As its name suggests, this latest offering from Shang Properties encompasses all the right elements—thoughtfully designed features and facilities, meticulous finishing touches, and other subtle, refined intricacies—that will grant residents the freedom to personalize their living spaces in accordance with their individual styles.

Blank Canvas for Self-Expression

A total of 1,283 units, ranging from studios to one-, two-, and three-bedroom layouts, offer that canvas. These spaces not only provide a place to live but also present a blank canvas for self-expression, eagerly awaiting the strokes of individuality and creativity.

Whether you’re crafting a cozy retreat, hosting intimate gatherings, or cultivating an artistic haven, Laya empowers you to shape an environment that mirrors your lifestyle—one that values life’s finer nuances. Consequently, this opportunity to customize your living spaces can foster a stronger sense of ownership and identity.

Spaces for Learning and Connection

Further enhancing your ability to express yourself freely are the indoor and outdoor amenities that offer spaces for learning and connection. From state-of-the-art fitness centers to serene meditation spots, residents have opportunities to nurture their minds and bodies and lead a balanced, fulfilling life.

On Levels 11 and 12 of Laya, a variety of amenities await, including a fitness and yoga studio, a swimming pool, lush landscaped gardens, and play areas for children. If solitude beckons, you can find tranquility in The Library, The Studio, and The Workspace. Some amenities facilitate connections with family and friends. Enjoy a movie in The Viewing Room, engage in a leisurely game of billiards in The Game Room, or host an intimate gathering in The Party Room. Catch up with neighbors in The Den or any of the pocket gardens.

Undoubtedly, Laya by Shang Properties provides a haven where you can relax, recharge, and achieve equilibrium, thereby enhancing your quality of life.

Thriving Urban Environment

Adding to the allure of your elegant home is the fact that Laya by Shang Properties is situated in a thriving urban environment—a city renowned for its vibrancy and completeness.

Residing in this part of Pasig City grants you easy access to essential establishments, educational and healthcare institutions, shopping and dining complexes, as well as central business districts like Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City. Such proximity enables you to embrace a life of freedom and independence.

The Future of Independent Living

Indeed, Laya is more than just a residential development. Here, Shang Properties is ushering in the future of refined independent living by meticulously crafting a space where residents can revel in both serenity and vibrancy.

The allure of Laya by Shang Properties lies not only in its architectural beauty or prime location but also in the promise of a lifestyle that embodies opulence, comfort, and sophistication—all within one remarkable address.

It is undoubtedly a privilege to be a part of this promising community. For those seeking a life that mirrors their aspirations, Laya beckons—a residence where every day celebrates freedom, independence, and the art of living well.

Laya, a 67-story residential masterpiece, is poised to captivate a youthful, discerning, and investment-savvy market.

The array of indoor and outdoor amenities provides spaces for growth and social connections.