Their perception is evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated in their investment strategies. Millennials and zoomers, defined by the Pew Research Center as individuals born between 1981 and 1996 (now aged 27 to 42) and those born from 1997 to 2012 (ranging from 26 to 11 years old), are adept at recognizing the value and actively seek it out in all aspects of their endeavors, particularly when it comes to investments. Those with an interest in real estate, for example, exhibit a deep understanding of their preferences—they conduct thorough research, have established their own set of criteria and performance benchmarks, and possess an innate talent for identifying lucrative investment opportunities.

This is precisely why Shang Properties is widely regarded as an ideal match, as this upscale developer offers more than just value—it also brings vision, meticulous attention to detail, sophistication, and convenience, all of which align seamlessly with their dynamic lifestyles.

In the near future, they will come to realize that Shang’s latest undertaking is perfectly attuned to their needs. Laya by Shang Properties, an ambitious 67-story development taking form in Oranbo, Pasig City, is a venture where residents can “create a comfortable haven and live confidently.” Millennials and zoomers are advocating for increased diversity, equity, and inclusivity in their workplaces and communities, and they will discover these principles embodied in this exciting address.

The project’s name carries a promise, drawing inspiration from a cherished Filipino concept: “laya,” which conveys notions of freedom, liberty, and independence. And Shang Properties is committed to delivering precisely that promise. Laya by Shang Properties consists of 1,283 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, varying in size from 33 sqm to 149 sqm. These units were thoughtfully designed to cater to the demands of younger generations who seek opportunities for self-expression and multifaceted living. They are exquisitely appointed and equipped with provisions for telephone, data connections, and cable television.

Shang Properties has also integrated top-tier amenities for millennials and zoomers to relish. On the 11th floor, an extensive array of indoor and outdoor amenities spans over 2,800 sqm. Furthermore, there is an additional space on the 12th floor, covering 382 sqm. Residents can socialize by the swimming pool or in The Lounge, unwind in The Viewing Room, The Party Rooms, and The Game Rooms, engage in fitness or yoga at the Studios, and stay productive in The Studio, The Library, and The Workspace.

Does Laya by Shang Properties offer the stability sought after by Generations Y and Z? In general, real estate presents a reliable investment option that is resilient against inflation, offers tangible assets, and can be repurposed into income-generating resources. The pandemic has prompted many millennials and zoomers to reevaluate their priorities. An increasing number now opt to invest in real estate with a focus on long-term gains rather than fleeting pleasures.

Moreover, Laya by Shang Properties offers property owners the benefits of accessibility and capital appreciation. Shaw Boulevard, just a short walk away, connects to Edsa and C-5 Road. Corporate headquarters are plentiful in Ortigas Center and neighboring business districts, making it an ideal location for career advancement. The development’s proximity to commercial centers, recreational hubs, and essential institutions like schools and hospitals fosters a harmonious work-life environment.

Lastly, Laya by Shang Properties is underpinned by the Shang guarantee—world-class properties meticulously designed to deliver convenience, luxury, and enduring success. This opportunity empowers millennials and zoomers to make a prudent investment while enjoying the “laya” to express their authentic selves.