Laya by Shang Properties Inc. stands as a remarkable 67-story residential tower offering a range of unit types, including studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and three-bedrooms.

I believe that one of the most significant and impactful decisions I will make is selecting my haven—a place that perfectly suits me. Opting for the right living space during the prime years of my life isn’t just about settling for any shelter; it’s about discovering a refuge where I can prioritize my well-being, passions, and career, all in harmony. It’s about finding my own sanctuary, a place where I can cultivate personal growth, both internally and externally.

Personalizing Your Space

Recognizing that everyone has unique desires and requirements, it’s essential to explore living spaces that serve as a blank canvas, empowering modern residents to express themselves freely. After all, they say that your home is an extension of your identity, so it makes sense to enable homebuyers to have the freedom to design their living spaces according to their lifestyles.

Fortuitously, a forthcoming development in Pasig City is tailored to meet this criterion precisely. That’s Laya by Shang Properties Inc., a 67-story residential tower featuring a variety of unit types, from studios to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom configurations. Its name perfectly encapsulates its essence: the freedom to manifest individuality and creativity, allowing you to take charge of designing your own living space.

With a range of layouts to choose from, you’re bound to discover the ideal fit for your lifestyle. Each unit boasts exceptional finishes, including porcelain tiles and laminated wood flooring. Moreover, the built-in closets, glass shower enclosures, stunning quartz stone countertops, and personal balconies create an atmosphere of luxury within your space.

This “starter pack” truly covers all the essentials, providing the perfect foundation to transform these spaces into your own. Coupled with your innovative ideas and these modern features, the possibilities are boundless.

Best of Both Worlds

However, the customization of your home to your lifestyle doesn’t end here.

Whether you’re seeking leisure activities to unwind or a conducive workspace, Laya offers you the best of both worlds. Just envision it: two entire floors dedicated to exclusive amenities. Who wouldn’t appreciate this level of convenience?

Health enthusiasts will find their needs met with the fitness studio, yoga studio, and outdoor meditation area. The pool, on the other hand, offers a great spot to relax or practice swimming laps. For movie nights, there’s a Viewing Room, and for socializing with friends, a Game Room awaits. If you’re in need of some solitude, the Lounge provides a serene space. For work or study, you have three options: the Studio, Library, or Workspace.

You won’t need to leave the building to accomplish your tasks because Laya offers it all! What makes this even more appealing is that these spaces facilitate connections within the community, essential for any young professional looking to expand their network and support system. Indeed, it becomes easier to strike a balance between work, recreation, and relaxation.

Convenient Access

Located near Ortigas Center, Laya provides swift access to major commercial hubs and corporate establishments. This advantage significantly reduces travel time, whether you’re commuting to work or school or exploring nearby shopping centers. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Shang Properties, a developer known for selecting prime locations and delivering a higher standard of living, as evident from its impressive track record and satisfied clients.

Given all these factors, choosing Laya as your next home is undoubtedly a wise decision. For any contemporary young professional, Laya offers the personal space needed to thrive and pursue dreams.