Laya by Shang Properties offers a selection of 1,283 studio to three-bedroom units, ranging from 33 sqm to 149 sqm, providing abundant space for comfortable living. In the midst of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves wishing our homes were better equipped to provide the “comforts of home” when there were limited alternatives. This collective experience during COVID-19 has prompted us to reevaluate our expectations for modern dwellings.

In response to this shift in ideals, some developers in the Philippines have risen to the occasion, introducing a new wave of homes designed to align with our evolving needs. Yet, it’s Shang Properties Inc. that stands out by delivering these residences with the utmost luxury and sophistication. Enter Laya by Shang Properties, a 67-story condominium tower in Pasig City that splendidly embodies post-pandemic living in style.

Enhanced Freedom and Flexibility

This exciting addition to the Shang portfolio takes its name from the Filipino term “laya,” which signifies freedom, liberty, and independence. Laya by Shang Properties represents the opposite of confined living; it addresses any feelings of cabin fever that may arise from extended periods spent in your condominium. Think of it as a blank canvas—you have the autonomy to determine how you’ll furnish your living space. And this canvas is far from small, offering increased flexibility in space utilization and a genuine opportunity for self-expression.

Laya by Shang Properties features a range of 1,283 studio to three-bedroom units, with sizes spanning from 33 sqm to 149 sqm—providing ample space to “live comfortably and boldly.” Whether you’re an individual living independently or with a larger family, Laya accommodates your requirements. It not only boasts the top-tier finishes you’d anticipate from any Shang property but also incorporates features tailored to post-pandemic demands.

Opulent Amenities

Should cabin fever persist, the solution is merely an elevator ride away. Residing in Laya by Shang Properties grants you automatic access to opulent amenities. These amenities showcase what has enabled the broader Shang Group to establish a presence in a staggering 78 destinations worldwide, particularly in the hospitality sector.

The building boasts 3,000 sqm of indoor and outdoor amenities on Levels 11 and 12. Socialize with your neighbors by the 25-meter swimming pool. For wellness enthusiasts, the Fitness Studio, Yoga Studio, and Outdoor Meditation Area offer opportunities to nurture both mind and body—activities sorely missed during home confinement. Additional unique and enjoyable spaces include the Viewing Room, Game Room, Party Rooms, and Lounge. For those seeking productive environments, there’s the Studio, Library, or Workspace. If working from home feels overwhelming, why not work from the amenity deck?

During the pandemic, mobility became a critical concern, with homeowners finding it challenging to run even the simplest errands. Laya by Shang Properties eliminates this concern by featuring a retail space on the ground floor.

Furthermore, while the project prioritizes privacy and security, it is conveniently situated in Oranbo, just a few meters from the well-connected Shaw Boulevard, providing access to Edsa, Ortigas Center, and C5 Road. Residents have a plethora of options for work, study, shopping, or recreational activities. This accessibility also translates into potential capital appreciation, a significant advantage if you plan to diversify your investment portfolio with real estate.

Shang Properties has attentively observed the changing preferences of Filipino homebuyers as they envision their ideal homes for the post-pandemic era. The developer now offers a responsive home marked by luxury and sophistication.

Laya by Shang Properties embodies the vision of homebuyers, enriched by Shang’s legendary touch.

Laya by Shang Properties is a 67-story condominium tower located in Pasig City.