Achieving the ability to live independently represents a significant milestone marking the transition into real adulthood.

It has become customary for young adults to continue living with their parents until they either migrate or marry in the Philippines. Nevertheless, those who opt to deviate from this tradition often gain valuable life skills through the experience of living independently.

Establishing a new place of residence is a formidable task, especially for those who are leaving the comfort of their family homes for the first time. The search for a living space that can replicate the level of comfort, security, and freedom offered by childhood homes can be quite daunting. Fortunately, there are purposefully designed spaces that cater to the needs of young professionals, with the aim of rekindling the joys of independent living by providing ample space and a wide array of amenities.

Situated in proximity to Ortigas Center, this contemporary community offers a secure environment where individuals can pursue their careers, passions, and aspirations all within one integrated complex. Aptly named “Laya” by Shang Properties Inc., it embodies the core principle of freedom.

A Customized Home

Developed by the same company responsible for One Shangri-La Place, Horizon Homes, and The Rise Makati, Laya offers not only premium living spaces but also much more. The development is set to encompass 1,283 residential units, each available in various layouts and sizes. Prospective residents can select from a diverse range of studio, one-, two-, or three-bedroom units meticulously designed to optimize circulation and comfort.

Each unit has been thoughtfully curated to showcase a blend of durability and aesthetics. Anticipate features such as laminated wood floors, porcelain tiles, elegant recon quartz stone counters, glass shower enclosures, and built-in wardrobes that elevate the luxurious living experience at Laya. Furthermore, every unit is equipped with balconies that provide captivating views of the cityscape and beyond.

Amenities That Encourage Development

Regardless of whether your interests revolve around sports, work, or social activities, Laya offers spaces tailored to accommodate a wide array of pursuits.

The development encompasses two levels of exclusive amenities that cater to activities at any hour of the day. On the 11th floor, you’ll discover outdoor pools and play areas suitable for individuals of all ages. Party rooms and a game room provide settings to unwind and socialize with friends. The Viewing Room offers an ideal ambiance for movie nights, while the Library, Workspace, and Lounge offer serene environments for work or relaxation.

The 12th floor caters to fitness enthusiasts with dedicated fitness and yoga studios. If you prefer the outdoors, there’s a meditation area that offers a tranquil space for reflection or Pilates exercises while taking in a breathtaking panoramic view of the Ortigas skyline.

In essence, Laya’s amenities serve as extensions of the residences, accommodating a diverse range of activities and interests through their lavish offerings.

A Prime Urban Location

Laya situates its future residents in an advantageous location. It is conveniently close to the Ortigas central business district, providing easy access to offices, shopping centers, and various establishments. However, it also offers a buffer zone between the city center and your home, enabling you to detach and relax after a demanding day.

For families, Laya’s proximity to essential amenities such as hospitals and top-notch schools makes it highly convenient. Young professionals also have opportunities to lease out their units.

Key Takeaway

If you’re embarking on your first experience of independent living, Laya by Shang Properties deserves your consideration. Whether you’re a young professional, newlywed, or a young parent, this community is poised to simplify your life with its conveniences and comforts.

Like all of Shang’s projects, Laya stands as a testament to the developer’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Partnering with a reputable premier developer ensures that your future home will be meticulously crafted with your best interests in mind.

Indeed, Laya represents an ideal starting point for any young individual venturing into the world—a sanctuary of true freedom in today’s modern society.